Food Review: Parklane Fried Wanton Noodles

(located in Sunshine Plaza Level 1)


I have been having Parklane Wanton Noodles for many years till about 8 years ago. That point, their standard dropped and there were many wanton noodles around so I changed base to others. Feeling nostalgic today, I decided to bring my family here to try this wanton noodles again.

The ambience. Basically clean environment since it's pretty early still and the place is air-conditioned so it felt better. The stall had expanded many years ago to 2 shops with 4 x 4 seaters outside. One shop has quite a number of 6 seaters and 4 seaters while the other had a couple of 2 seaters and the kitchen is located in that shop.

The condiments are still the same, take your own condiments and you can choose between the usual green chilli and sambal chilli to go with your noodles or wantons.

Wanton Noodles with Fried Wanton
Price: $4.50/$5.50 (pictured $4.50) | $3/$4 for fried wantons (pictured $4, 12 wantons)

The wanton noodles at parklane is a little different from other wanton noodles stall with ingredients consisting of 3 fried wantons, 2 boiled wantons and the usual wanton noodles sides like vegetables and char siew.

First to the char siew. Char siew is ok. Half fatty half lean, not too dry which is welcomed. Can still taste the marinate a little. Definitely not the best but decent enough.

The sauce. Plain dark soya sauce is used in the sauce with a little oil. What you will be expecting is old style Malaysian kind of wanton noodles abeit it's not as flavourful. The noodles are pretty well cooked to al dente texture but to raise the flavour of the noodles, you need to add the sambal chilli. If it's a little dry, add the soup to wetten it. Generally speaking, it has lost the standard they had many years ago.

The boiled wanton itself has adequate meat and flavour. Not the best but again decent. The accompanying soup however is MSG based.

Lastly to the fried wanton, the fried wanton has lesser meat compared to the boiled wanton but it's very crispy as its freshly fried and in fact, the crispiness stayed throughout my meal. The fried wanton also has a unique texture on top of crispiness. It's hard to describe but I think the texture comes from the skin used.

The highlight here is really the fried wanton that brings up the texture and overall experience.

Throughout the years, the noodles' standard dropped but the fried wanton standard is still there. I used to rate this stall pretty high but this visit is disappointing for the noodles experience. I will still come back for the fried wanton if standard maintains.

3V out of 5


91 Bencoolen St, #01-53, Singapore 189652

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Sunshine Plaza Carpark. There are roadside parking but it's usually full.

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Bugis MRT or Rochor MRT

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