Food Review: Keisuke Beef Sukiyaki Don

(located in behind Tanjong Pagar Market, in Onze building)


This is probably one of Keisuke's smaller outlets with about 14 counter seats. The ambience exudes a Japanese Ramen Stall feel but instead, it serves Gyu-don in this case. Although it's a small place, the seats are pretty comfortable and space between seats are decent so you don't feel that it's very cramped.

As per any Keisuke outlets, you will be served with some appetiters. Usually it's the sesame spiced beansprouts and hard boiled eggs. In Keisuke Beef Sukiyaki Don, the 2 appetiters are cabbage and preserved ginger. Nothing to shout about as I'm not a fan but others may like it.

This shop serves onsen egg, miso soup and chawamushi as standard sides to a set meal. Scroll forward for a more detailed review.

One thing to note is that Beef Sukiyaki Keisuke now serves Pork Sukiyaki Don as well now. I guess this is to cater for people who cannot eat beef due to religion in Singapore.

Beef Sukiyaki Don
Price: $14.90 (Addon 100g US Prime Beef at $11)

First to the side dishes, Chawamushi & Miso Soup. I will review more on the process of cooking and taste of the Gyu-don later in this review.

The Chawamushi is a well-made one, being smooth and creamy without bubbles forming on the surface of the cup. It's a bit more to salty side but flavourful with dashi broth and I would say it's one of the better chawamushi around in terms of taste. Ingredients wise it came with the usuals like small shrimp, fishcake, pork, mushroom and ginko nut.

Miso soup wise is more of a standard miso soup with some little extras. It tasted normal but the extra ingredients like dry beancurd, seaweed and leek made up for the value. At least it's not the usual run-the-mill miso soup we all get from standard Japanese cuisine.

One look at the beef you will know that they didn't skim on the beef quality. While I didn't order the wagyu version at $29.90, the beef I had in my don is still decent with the amount of fats in it. By the pictures above tells you a lot on the quality.

Cooking wise, the Sukiyaki Don bowl is first filled with rice and topped with cabbage stew above. The beef, together with the mushrooms etc are cooked together in the pot with Sukiyaki sauce and placed on top of the stew and rice bowl to form the final product. The dish is cooked right in front of you by a chef and you can ask for the doneness of the beef. For me it has to be medium rare.

To enjoy the bowl of don, it's a must to pour the onsen egg addon to the bowl and stir it up. Be careful though as the bowl is pretty full (very substantial with lots of ingredient).

Now to the taste. The Sukiyaki Don come with braised beancurd, tender beef medium rare, leek, mushroom, cabbage, translucent vermicelli.

The bowl tastes sweet and savoury. Due to the quality of ingredients, it's definitely not your usual Gyu-don. Even for the normal beef version, the beef is fatty and taste very smooth and buttery. Most importantly, it's not overwhelming with Sukiyaki flavour as what I was worried about but yeah, that came as a big plus. All in all, very good for value and worth every penny vs other similarly priced Gyu-don out there.

The set also came with extra sauce that was cooked previously with the beef. If you need more flavour of Beef infused Sukiyaki flavour, pour more of this to your bowl.

Addon Beef (100g)

Similarly cooked in the same way as the Sukiyaki-don, my suggestion is that if you are not a big eater, it's not necessary to order this as the main don portion of meat is pretty hefty. It can be gelat especially when you pour all the sauce over and with this extra portion, I think it's too much for normal people, so do think twice before you order.

Additional Condiments - Sansho (Japanese Pepper)

Additional Condiments - Yuzu Shichmi (Yuzu Spiced Mixture)

Additional Condiments - Ichimi (Chilli Pepper)

One special note for extra flavouring. Keisuke Beef Sukiyaki provides 3 extra flavouring that you can use to enhance the bowl. Comes with different flavoured chilli powder eg yuzu etc. To make things easier, see above for the condiments' description to choose what you might fancy.

All in all, a seriously good bowl of Gyu-don at its value. There may be other better Gyu-don out there but for this price bracket, it's pretty unbeatable.

3.8V out of 5

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11 Kee Seng St, #01-01 Onze @, Singapore 089218

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Suggested Carpark
Tanjong Pagar Market Car Park
Take note it's not easy to find a lot during peak hours and carpark lot is a little small. Alternatively, you can park at nearby 100AM mall or Icon Village but you may have to walk a little.

Nearest MRT
Tanjong Pagar MRT

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