Food Review: Jalan Tua Kong Lau Lim Mee Pok

(located in Simpang Bedok. Take note there are 2 Mee Poks, one is Lau Lim and the other is Ah Lim which is airconditioned)


Your typical kopithiam ambience. There are quite a number of tables around but the quantity is usually not enough to cater to the crowd. So usually the wait for tables can be a while depending on timings. Typical waiting time for food is about 30mins. You will be given a disc token for the food like below.

Wu Xiang Prawn Crackers
Price: $11.30

Nothing great to be honest and pricey. As you can see from the pictures are purely just factory-made prawn crackers. However, to temporarily fill your stomach while waiting for the meepok, it's good enough.

Signature Mee Pok (Dry)
Price: $5 (small) / $6 (medium) / $7 (large)

This is why we came here for. The mee pok! I'm not really a Teochew Meepok kind of person. The noodles i love is really Wanton noodles and Bak Cho Mee at most. To me Teochew noodles are usually lighter in taste so I was kind of expecting this as well. Boy, was I wrong. Lau Lee Mee pok is cooked al dente style on the mee pok texture, laced with fried onion oil to make the dish smooth and buttery. Some may find it real oily but with that oil, coupled with cripsy pork lard is what usually constitute to a good bowl of asian noodles.

The mee pok comes with 2 kinds in general, spicy and non spicy. For non spicy, it's mixed with tomato sauce with the lard and onion oil. I prefer the spicy (not that spicy really) version which comes with their homemade chilli that gives the unami taste when mixed together. The result is a bowl of springy, flavourful mee pok with buttery smooth texture.

The condiments that came along with the meepok includes bean sprouts, slices of pork, prawns and 1 pork meatball and 1 fish ball.

Both balls are hand made. I can only use 2 words to describe them: springy meatball, and spongy fishball. Mind you it's handmade so its not the usual artificial texture you get from factory made ones. The prawns are fresh too and spongy.

This is a mee pok place that i can recommend for you to try. Though im not really into the waiting time, i think it's good enough to at least try it once to see if it's your bowl of meepok. Price is certainly steep but worth a try.

3.8V out of 5

306 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469466

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Suggested Carpark
In Simpang Bedok itself but it gets real busy during peak hours so you can try to park opposite the private estates and walk a little distance.

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Tanah Merah MRT

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