Review: Steinhart Ocean 44 GMT – Blue/Red Bezel

I’ve been contemplating to get my hands on a daily beater that looks like my Rolex Deepsea without the thickness. My Rolex Deepsea could not fit nicely under my long sleeve shirt. So I did some research and stumbled upon Steinhart Watches that carries quite a number of Rolex homage watches.

If you’ve been to Steinhart Watches website (, you would have noticed under the divers watches category, there are homage watches to Rolex Submariner, Rolex GMT 2 and of course Rolex Deepsea.

Steinhart Ocean 44 is a homage to Rolex Deepsea and I was lucky to secure a slot for 1 piece on Blue/Red bezel with sapphire insert.

Fast forward, the watch came pretty quickly upon shipping confirmation via Fedex. I was pretty excited and wonder how the sapphire insert bezel with the Deepsea homage will look like.

Before I start showing pictures and commenting on the details of the watch, my watch came with the GMT hand spoilt. Immediately I asked for a warranty rma and I should be sending it back to Steinhart for repairs.

Now back to the review on the watch. Ocean 44 GMT comes with a ETA2893-2 movement, 316L stainless steel, sapphire insert bezel with a micro adjustment clasp and bracelet of 22mm. The watch is 44mm in diameter and thickness of 13.6mm. The watch crystal is made of sapphire with anti-reflection and water resistance of 300 meters. The lume is equipped with Super Luminova BGW9.


The general feel of the watch is decently built and quite solid. The watch body itself feel solid and adequately heavy. The bracelet has a pretty nice brushed surface but it rattles a bit thus reflecting that it’s not of best quality in terms of worksmanship. Standard clasp as shown in the picture below. Nothing to shout about but serves its purpose.


One good thing about the bracelet is the use of screw based links. This allows for easy bracelet adjustments.

The bezel turns rather rough and it may take a little effort just to turn it. As per most diver watches in the market, the bezel is unidirectional. Normal GMT watches’ bezels are bidirectional usually.

The deal breaker for me is actually one of the factors that attract me initially to the watch, Sapphire insert bezel. Though sapphire insert will prevent scratches to the bezel but it also dull the effects on the numerics and color of the bezel. See below for pictures.

Crown of the watch is signed with Steinhart logo which is good and the crown is screwed in as well. Date adjustments are mediocre. I was expecting to feel the switching of date when I turn the crown but the feel is rather soft.

The dial has even and smooth layout with each of the lume markers surrounded by a metal ring. Hands are mercedes hands which is Rolex standard. The sapphire crystal with AR gives the watch a clear good view of dial and is flat and flushed with the bezel. The bezel similarly is also flat and these factors make it look different from the Rolex Deepsea as well. The Rolex Deepsea has a dome sapphire crystal and a downwards curved bezel.

Lastly, some lume shots of the watch. I did an exposure of the watch for 1min of maglight and below is the lume intensity. The lume color coincides with Rolex Deepsea color however, the lume is not as strong.

In summary, this is a pretty good watch for the price point. If the bezel can be replaced with a polished ceramic bezel, this is certainly the watch that I will buy once more but for now, I will hold on to this piece and see if there is any revision.


  1. Jay November 20, 2013 11:02 pm  Reply

    Hi Vicardo,

    You posted this article 2 month ago.

    I plan to buy this watch too and I would like to have your feedback after these 2 months of use.

    Best regards,


    • Vicardo Ng November 22, 2013 12:21 am  Reply

      Hi Jay,

      To be honest I’m not exactly impressed by the watch. The sapphire bezel’s wording, at quite a number of angles, “disappeared” from view. My guess is that the wordings are crafted from steel and with the reflectiveness of the sapphire insert, it conflicts with the viewing. The blue / red bezel color does not reflect true blue / red color under bright sunlight which I gathered, a result of the sapphire insert as well. The bracelet, is passable but mediocre as it do not feel cheap to touch and it’s not hollow as well.

      Now back to the good points about this watch. The build of the watch is rather solid and hefty on weight so the build of the watch case is definitely not too bad. The lume is pretty decent and coincides with Rolex Submariner or Rolex Deepsea’s lume color. The silver lining surrounding the lume is nice and the rotational clicks are pretty decent with solid feel. Time accuracy wise, I could not comment too much about it as it’s mostly on winder so time does drift a couple of minutes. The drift should be better if the watch is worn on wrist often.

      Hope this helps you make a decision and hope I’m not too late in replying 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog

  2. Shaun March 28, 2014 3:33 pm  Reply


    Do lemme know if you’re planning to let go of the watch.



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