Project Drift Z

It’s been a while since I update my blog on things happening in my life. It’s been busy years since 2016 due to changes in my career, my family and my hobbies that I have not been diligently updating my blog but i think I’m more organised now (not that everything is stabilised, but life is always changing right?) so here I am with my latest updates to my hobbies. This is obviously one of my most preferred hobby for those who knows me personally and those who have seen my past youtube channel will noticed that I frequent tracks in Malaysia.

I have recently discovered that I am in a cross road (in my life, a nicer way to put it as facing the mid life crisis) that I need to achieve something more in life other than family and career so i have decided to invest in an old car to start the hobby of drifting. Not an easy task as people whom are familiar with Singapore will know that car ownership is very costly in SG amd this hobby is not going to be cheap. My plan was to do this progressively and not to whack all the dimes (obviously with family to support) i have but to slowly reduce my other dependencies and hobbies. Some planning to be done for sure but i think it should be doable.

So here i introduce my project car: Nissan Fairlady 370z


  1. 3.7L V6 NA Engine (328bhp, 400nm torque)
  2. Manual Transmission 6 speed
  3. GT coupe specifications
  4. vLSD
  5. RWD (FR layout)

Fully stock at the moment exhaust for HKS exhaust. Having a little issues here and there but i will be fixing and posting the updates here

Here are the photos when i first got the car

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