Review: Tanjong Rhu Pau and Confectionary

This morning I went past Guillemard Road and immediately my stomach prompted me to stop by the famous Tanjong Rhu Pau to buy their famous Cha Siew Bun and Pork Bun.

All along I’ve been eating 和记 Pau for the longest time and the Dim Sum restaurants’ Pau. Those succulent, juicy Cha Siew coupled with the well streamed softness of the bun always attracts me to put 1 pau after another into my mouth. This has sort of, set a standard for Cha Siew bun.

To be honest, I find that the Cha Siew buns from Tanjong Rhu are slightly above average for that strong Cha Siew taste and juiciness of the fillings. Each bun can only fit a mouthful so the taste I feel is just right for a mouthful. The bun itself is nothing out of the world though. For my personal ratings I would give it a 7/10 and each bun costs $0.70.



Since young, I never like Pork Bun for some reason that I cannot figure even till today. I guess it could be because of the unique pork taste and perhaps the oily fats that causes all these but nevertheless, I forced myself to take a bite today. Thumbs up that Tanjong Rhu pork bun did not put me off as much as other pork bun and in fact, I find the taste quite acceptable. Not a avid fan of pork bun, my ratings for this bun would be 6/10. 5 points to pass my resistance to it and again juiciness of the fillings and egg adds another point. Today they did not prepare for any small pork bun so I bought the standard size. Each small pork bun costs $0.70 and the standard pork bun costs $1.40. Not cheap I would say.


Last but not least, the paper wrapped chicken. I’ve my favourite paper wrapped chicken restaurant and I’m pretty sure a lot of people might have been there. It’s located beside Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Maju Camp. In my opinion they served the best paper wrapped chicken in Singapore and I always use them as a gauge for paper wrapped chicken. Tanjong Rhu Pau’s paper wrapped chicken is mediocre. It uses the standard marinade as 和记 with the exception of more garlic. It’s also slightly more tender and juicy than 和记 . Other than that, my favourite restaurant beats them hands down. Taste is pretty standard. For this I would rate 6/10 and it costs $1.50 each.


In case you want to try their Pau, you can visit them at the following locations:

1. 389 Guillemard Road
2. 72 Thomson Road

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