vROps / vCOps 5.8.x – Changing gateway address of vApp (UI VM & Analytics VM)

Hi all,

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated my blog. Recently I’ve been busy with my new house doing all the renovation planning and such. Recently I’ve a question from the client and I realised that this might not be posted anywhere so here I am to update my blog with those who are facing issue. Some of the admins might be trying to update using the admin console or text console to change this but it will not take effect until you change this in vApp settings.

The most recent version for vROps / vCOps is v6.x but I think this is still applicable to some so it’s probably good to just post and hopefully help someone along the way.


Step 1: Go to Home and click Networking


Step 2: Select IP Pool tab in your vDatacenter and you should see this.


Step 3: Right click on the IP pool and choose properties


Step 4: Change gateway address to desired gateway address


Step 5: Go to associations and choose the relevant port groups association.


To confirm on the port groups that your VCOPs vApp is using, go to host & clusters, choose the vApp and right click for edit settings

Choose Properties in Advanced options, See vami.ip0.VM_1 and 2 and see the ip: <portgroup>



Remember the portgroup name and go back to the previous step to ensure that the association selected is this port group.

 ** You will have to power off / on the vApp for the settings to take effect after changing the gateway. **


So that’s pretty much. Very simple process isn’t it. Hope you like this post.


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