Review: Poulet @ Bedok Mall – Part 2

A continuation of my visit to Poulet here. I’m here at Bedok Mall to do some grocery run so decided to do Round 2 of my review.

The Food

Poulet Rosti ala Orange (Roast Chicken in Orange Sauce)

Again Poulet is pretty good with their chicken and this certainly taste as good as their signature. The orange sauce is not something that you will be expecting from your usual orange zest kind of taste. I would say I like the flavour of the sauce as it’s eluding a scent of orange but a taste of dried orange peel. Not over empowering again like their signature Poulet Rosti which is good. The chicken is available in other sauce like cranberry and double mustard which I did not try.

Price: SGD$17.80


Braise De Cannard (Braised Duck Leg)

First impression. Looks nice and tender and certainly well-cooked and yet not too overly done. Without waiting for too long in case the food gets cold, I dug into the dish. The sauce taste suspiciously familiar when I taste it. I try to recall the place where I had this and I realised that this is the same place I had that taste! It’s exactly the same taste for the oxtail and this duck leg. So needless to say I’m not too impressed with the sauce other than the tenderness of the duck leg.

Price: SGD$15.80

poulet-Braise-De-Cannard-02 poulet-Braise-De-Cannard

Mediterranean Lamb Shank

It’s like a no brainer that Lamb Shank has to be well-cooked and the meat must be so tender that it falls off the bone once you touch it. The meat does exactly it BUT the sauce is the same as the oxtail! I think that’s enough to say for this dish. The smell of lamb is not that heavy though but I thought it can be better still. Other than that, nothing special for the sauce since it’s repetitive.

Price: SGD$15.80



I think you can get a better Tiramisu elsewhere. The tiramisu here looks good on the surface but lacks a few key factors to call it a decent tiramisu. First impression, good amount of cocoa powder on the surface and looks cooled enough. Once the spoon goes within, a little too soft on the cream and out of a sudden, a resistance for the spoon to go further?! In the end we found out that there is an uneven layer of biscuit or hardened cake below. Further tasting reveals that there is uneven distribution of coffee extract with very little or nearly no hint of alcohol. The whole experience wasn’t that great. The only thing good is that it’s not that sweet so for people who likes less sweet stuff would possibly try this. I would definitely give this a miss if I visit Poulet again.

Price: SGD$7.80

poulet-Tiramisu-01 poulet-Tiramisu-02 poulet-Tiramisu-03

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