Review: Poulet @ Bedok Mall

I have a chance to visit the Poulet outlet at the newly opened Bedok Mall recently. Been always a fan of food but I’ve never really tried a lot of french food other than the usual “The French Stall”, Saveur etc. So I took the time off to visit Poulet with my wife to try.


Poulet, being a inexpensive french food restaurant, has a pretty cafe style kind of concept similarly to outlets at other location. Place is a little open but nevertheless, it’s as expected since it’s cafe style.


The service is pretty decent given that their response is pretty fast and the waiters are polite and helpful. The serving of the dishes are a little too fast which I would much prefer it to be at a slower pace. In addition, there is a 10% service charge. One more thing is that they do not serve cold/warm plain water. Warm water is at a charge of 50cents and Evian Bottle water at SGD$3.80


311 New Upper Changi Road #B2-31/32 Singapore 467360

Visit Again?

Yes, I want to try other dishes before I conclude if it’s worth regular visits.


The Food

French Onion Soup

Very strong, nice taste of beef stock and onion is the comment that I have for this. One of the nicer version of French Onion Soup that I had before. The croutons with cheese infused hold strong in flavour but I would prefer the croutons to be slightly smaller to give that little bit more of crunch. But generally a good starter for sure. A must try.

Price: SGD$5.80



Half dozen Burgundy Snails served with Tomato Fondue and Almond Garlic Butter

The escargots come served without the shell in this ceramic container. The taste, to be honest is just mediocre as I’m expecting to taste the distinct Almond Garlic and Tomato and I do prefer my escargots in shell as well. The dish is at best slightly better than those that you can get frozen in Cold Storage and such.

Price: SGD$8.80



Truffles Mashed Potatoes

This is one of the surprising dish that I did not expect to be pretty good. The mash comes with a buttery taste and a hint of truffle. Think of most of the truffle fries we see outside, it’s either too strong in truffle taste or no taste but for this mash, the truffle taste is just nice and not too over empowering. The texture for the mash is also just nice in terms of viscosity and very smooth. A must try certainly!

Price: SGD$5.80



Pressure-cooked Oxtail in Red Wine Sauce with Carrot and Onion

When this dish was served, it looked very well-cooked and seems to have absorbed what it’s supposedly to be marinaded with. I’ve quite high demand on beef dishes. Beef is the like the love of my life in the food category so normally a nicely done beef dish typically liven up my spirit. This oxtail is well-cooked to the extent of the meat coming off directly from the bone. However with the carrot, onion and red wine, I’m expecting the dish to be flavourful but unfortunately, I’m not tasting that kind of depth. The dish is at best just slightly above average of the usual stewed beef you get around the usual restaurant.

Price: SGD$15.80



Spanish Iberico Pork Belly

At the first glance, I’ve to say I’m biased and expect this to be like the famous Chinese Dish 東坡肉 under the fame of 苏东坡. I’ve tasted 東坡肉 in some of the Chinese restaurants and I’ve the impression that the meat is tender, soft and could easily scoop by a spoon and yet retain the kind of sponginess when you first touches it. The taste of 東坡肉 is also typically sweeter. This is nothing of that. The taste unfortunately also falls short of my expectations. The meat is not as tender as it seems to be and the flavour falls short as well. The plus point about this dish is the mustard that brings back the impression of German Knuckles with djon mustard but hey, this should be a french dish so it should present another different flavour isn’t it? The dish is laid with the delightful mash and spinach.

Price: SGD$15.80



Poulet Rosti Chicken with Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce

Poulet’s signature dish and certainly live up to its name at this price point. When I first saw this dish I was pretty underwhelmed by the looks. The chicken looked very normal and the sauce probably look like some standard cream based sauce. The first mouth in, I would say the taste of the marinade is not strong and probably very little in existence. However the tenderness of the chicken is something that I’ve not expected from a roast chicken. The meat is soft and tender and yet succulent. The sauce is not the normal cream based sauce but a special taste is hidden within. It’s very hard to describe what it is made of but definitely it’s not the kind of cream sauce that you will be get sick of after 2 or 3 mouthful. This dish, of all the mains I personally think it’s worth its price. In fact I’m looking forward to taste this soon in another orange sauce and see if it will delight me like this round.

Price: SGD$15.80


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