QuadStor Virtual Tape Library

It’s been quite a while since I catch up with Technology Solutions as I’m busy at work and with my kids. Finally I’ve some time this week to look through a solution that I’ve always wanted to implement for quite a while.

A virtual tape library solution!

I’m running quite a large number of virtual machines at home (around 70 VMs) for testing and learning purposes and I’ve been using free software like Veeam Backup and Replication to backup my VMs using the free NFR license. (It’s free by the way for VMWare VCPs, see http://go.veeam.com/free-nfr-backup-management-suite.html). This solution caters very well to my needs since I’ve 2 servers running at single socket each and the NFR license covers my licensing needs nicely.

So, what prompts me to do a VTL solution then? Besides learning purposes for my Netbackup and satisfying my desire to run an Enterprise level Backup Software, it’s good to understand the workings of Tape Libraries (though I’ve done a lot on this before on physical tape libraries) with Backup software without a limitation to rely on hardware test kits. So here it is.


To establish a backup system with QuadStor Virtual Tape Library with deduplication for my Active Directory and Exchange 2010 DAG

Software and Hardware Requirements

  • Symantec Netbackup
  • QuadStor Virtual Tape Library 2.2.13
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 Active Directory
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2
  • CentOS 6.4 x64
  • Disk for OS and VTL installation
  • Disk for VTL Storage

* For specific system requirements for QuadStor, visit www.quadstor.com

Architecture Design


High-Level Implementation Steps

  • Installation of Quadstor VTL

Install CentOS
Install packages httpd, sg3_utils, kernel_development
Install QuadStor Core, QuadStor Minimal ITF (if you want to have dedup functions via QuadStor vDisk
Install QuadStor VTL core, QuadStor VTL ITF

  • Installation of Symantec Netbackup
  • Create Virtual Tape Library and add vCartridge
  • Configure iSCSI on Symantec Netbackup server
  • Detect iSCSI Autoloader and Tape Drives on Symantec Netbackup server
  • Configure Autoloader and Tape drives in Symantec Netbackup
  • Assign devices to Backup Policies


Quadstor Main screen



VTL Main screen



iSCSI and Device Manager detection


Netbackup detection




  1. pasquale May 30, 2014 12:36 am  Reply

    Good article!
    Do you have test performance?
    Do you have a benchmark vtl versus tl ?

    Best Regard

  2. Vicardo Ng June 16, 2014 6:31 pm  Reply


    Unfortunately no. I didn’t really have the time to do the performance test on this but largely I think on the appropriate hardware on disk, this should be way faster than tape library in general and not to mention, the ease of maintainence for older hardware that requires the TL support and yet you can do a disk based TL solution plus eventually do replication on this for DR purposes.

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